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Exhibiting at a Trade show? Branded Trade Show products that get you noticed!

Whether it's your first Trade show or you're a veteran Exhibitor, everything you need is here to help you get noticed. We've done some brainstorming for you. The categories below showcase thousands of products presorted to help you find exactly what you need for a successful Trade show. Our staff of tradeshow specialists are available to assist you finding great Promo Products for your Trade show Exhibit Call Now 877.553.0857

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Create a Winning Tradeshow Exhibit!

Getting noticed at a Tradeshow where there may be dozens, or hundreds, of other exhibitors vying for the attention of prospective buying attendees can be a daunting task. Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a veteran booth builder Markit4Events has all the components you need to create a Tradeshow Booth, that will get you noticed on any budget.

Pay Attention to the Details!

It's your brand that you're creating with your booth. Give attendees a reason to step up to your booth to learn more about your company. Start with a custom Tablecloth that matches the color of your brand and displays your company logo instead of the plain, blank black or blue tablecloth provided by the tradeshow planners. Convenient Retractable Bannersand Tabletop Displays are the perfect displays to highlight special offers. Matching Staff Apparel and Nametags make it easy for the attendee to know who to talk to.

Get them to Remember you!

Always remember that your tradeshow is not all about you. It's about the Attendee!!! They are the prospects and you're competing with many, many other exhibitors to get noticed...And Remembered! The attendee experience includes an exhausting day of booth visits and connections. They return to their hotel room or an evening event while their Bags, filled with brochures and Promotional Giveaways, sit alone in the corner, not to be opened again for what may be days after the tradeshow is over. Promotional products are the things that help keep the memory of their experience alive long after they go back to their office. Markit4Events is a premier supplier of custom printed promotional products that will keep you in the minds of the attendees when they finally get to review the contents of their bag.

We're here for You!

Our site is created with Tradeshow Exhibitors and Event Planners in mind. We've helped with some brainstorming already by creating custom categories according to your type of exhibit.

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