Conference tracking

Get our Exclusive EVENTrak to track all of your orders

We know from years of experience working with Conference Planners and Tradeshow Exhibitors that you want to rest easy knowing that what you ordered will be waiting for you at the venue when you arrive.

Managing your branded products and all of the Staff involved in the orders can be stressful.

For your peace of mind we’ve created our Exclusive EVENTrak report so that everyone on your staff is on the same page.

EVENTrak shows you the Who, What, Where, When & How of each item ordered for your event all in one simple report.

EVENTrak initially shows the Product, the Quantity, the Destination, Who ordered it and When.

EVENTrak updates are provided as they become available. Information like Ship Dates, Shipping method, Tracking links, Packaging and Expected Arrival Dates are all updated daily as the information is provided by our factories.

Contact Markit4Events today to learn how our Exclusive EVENTrak system will eliminate the last-minute stress for you and your staff before your next event.

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