Virtual Samples

Want to see what your logo will look like on an item before you order?

Markit4Events offers free Virtual Samples* showing your logo on almost any product in our catalog before you place the order in only 24 hours or less.

Virtual Samples* are a great tool for presenting an idea to your team and they are free. Ordering an actual preproduction sample can be expensive and time consuming so this is the next best thing and it costs nothing.

How to order your Virtual Sample*?

  1. Create an ACCOUNT at by the selecting My Account on the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Email request to (Subject line to read: Virtual Sample Request)
  3. Provide the item number of the product you want a sample of or a link to the page in our store.
  4. Attach your logo to the email (must be a .png, .tif, jpg or .eps file).

You will receive an email in 24 hours or less.

* Virtual Samples are NOT final production proofs. A manufacturer’s proof will be provided for approval after your order is submitted.


Sample Products